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ConTEMPOrary Art NY Chrome Pastels   

PastelsXL Life 21c Series

NY Chrome Digital Portrait


Digital Transformation



Hard Pastel on Toned Paper


During digital processing of the Chrome Pastels, I recognized that the textured blends of color are truly fantastic when digitally enlarged.  In determining pieces suited to the greatest enlargement, I am studying first a work titled 'Flare' because of its bold, daring color and really rich textures. Some refinements have been in order though, particularly to Flare's head coarse and facial features.The Gallery above shows Flare's original scan -- the 'Cro-Magnon Before' image -- and 2 alternative 'After' versions. Both await study with test printing of full figure. Flare's half figure is below.


Chrome Pastel Figures


Multiple Drawing Series


NY CHROME artwork features mass swatches of bold pastel colors, which build form|structure on paper very quick- like paint does on canvas.

The samples above highlight their provocative richness in color, cropped square to accentuate the dynamic, dimensional color of each.

Red Chalk -4 Basic Tones

4+ Basic Tones

Matted Quantity:16   View More  


Drawing... On the Road to Painting


I use toned paper almost exclusively now for drawing as it is similar to the surface color of an ‘underpainting’ -- when a canvas is lightly washed with color. Similarly, I prefer red Conte Crayons for drawing because when drawing on canvas for painting, they don’t muddy applied paints.   Using them repeatedly develops facility  that transfers directly onto canvases.


For painting the less drawing the better. The same brevity marks all my figures.

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