MVR Artist Bio

 Artist Michael Victor Ruggiero MVR

MVR nurtured signature drawing skills continuously from high school in Ohio through the Harvard Graduate School of Design in the1990's.


From 2000 with contemporary life & landscape subjects, he advanced as a painter/pastel artist in New York City -- simultaneous with extensive digital practice as a NY State Registered Landscape Architect RLA.

 Artist MVR Michael Victor Ruggiero

In Spring 2018, he integrated digital processes from
design practice into his fine art for two exhibitions with Agora Gallery 
Contemporary Art NYmerging the two disciplines in the process.


Subsequently, in July 2019 for a Contemporary Art Barcelona exhibition, he coined the mixed media process he employs as the ▪XL Process and end results as ▪XL Works, which now underlie/constitute a unique brand of Contemporary Impressionism that MVR calls,
"for the sake of clarity, pxIm-pressionism".


In 2019 the ambitious The Landscape of 21C Liberties Triptych, which accelerated the ▪XL Process threefold, established his Sheroes NY Series.  

In March 2020 Sheroes NY commanded center-stage in a most progressive solo exhibition in Downtown Manhattan titled
ConTEMPO 2020 Art NY Innovations’.

In that 7-month solo exhibition at 72 Warren Gallery in Tribeca, a number of ConTempo 'lucent mixed media' art innovations 2020 evolved.


Foremost are the 'LED translucent canvas' and display ‘dynamic spotlit art,  which are highlighted herein in Home Page video and Shop 21c Collections.