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MVR Artist Statement 2021-22 

ConTEMPOrary Art px Impressionist

Artist Michael Victor · MVR

Michael Victor ▪ MVR 

The Magic of Zooming-in  

Pastels·XL Works first “Magnify” sensational hand-laid patterns of pastel grains imperceptible to the naked eye. Most often they are truly microscopic. The micro Impressions or pxImpressions –pxims that result, which vary dramatically within and among works, become a fresh medium for artistic expressions. Then, in whole or in part, Works “Amplify” an expressive immediacy in broad, bold strokes authentically to great dimensions not possible with just my hand.

HARD Pastels Start to Finish   
After Hard Pastel originals are ‘rasterized’ into pixels by scanning, I edit, refine, interpret and compose pxims by basic pixel-painting in Photoshop (PS). They morph readily. I employ advanced PS tools (digital ‘bells & whistles’) sparingly; more effective in spirit of original work are final color strokes by-Hand with Hard Pastels on archival prints.


Iterative Steps | Finishes

To achieve superior results for complex works, interim magnification, w pastel overlays, required.

Fusion Paint Media Old & New
While By-Hand & Digital processes co-exist currently, XL Works show with undeniable synergy they are able to fuse in concert together. Through such both leap forward -- the strength of each capitalizing on the strength of the other. Works demonstrate that traditional artist skills are adaptable and fully relevant again within a digital, social media world of art here to stay.

 ▪XL Base Media
An array of dry media suitable for ‘mass drawing’ 
-opposed to ‘line drawing’- create legible pxIm-pressions 

i.e. pastels, Conte Crayons, charcoal sticks, and pencils.

Black-and-white artworks are suitable originals.


▪XL Advantages 
• Incorporates fresh hand-drawn effects unique to every artist.
• Allows precision details at small scale, particularly for architecture
• Facilitates 1) investigation into alternative compositions

2) replication of elements, textures tedious or impossible by hand 
• Provides cost-effective ground color, esp. for large works

• Minimizes toxic dust & fixative sprays.


End results of the ▪XL Process are ▪XL Works.

‘Pastels·XL’ are one type of end works.

Cyclic Mixed Media ▪XL Works| By-Hand + PxPaint           

Details ConTEMPOrary Art pxImpressionist
ConTemporary Impressionist Artist ·Xl Works
ConTemporary Impressionist Hard Pastel Artist
Art Contemporary XL Process ConTEMPOrary Art 21c
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