Exhibition ConTEMPO 2020 NYC Innovations   

 AUTUMN   Season 4 @FringeNYC     

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Sept. 19 - 30, 2020

Autumn Equinox  Season 4  Tues - Sunday 12pm - 8pm   

TEMPO 2020 

From 3.6 to 9.2.20

3.6.20 Exhibit of Large ▪XL Works from #LSCP Catalogue
Featured:  #LandmarkXL Series

Major Title: The Landscape of 21C Lady Liberty Triptych


3.15.20  #SheroesNY  and Covid-19  #AllUSHeroes
The works for #SheroesNY and #AllUSHeroes developed in response to events occurring outside gallery windows, unfolding daily in NYC from Covid-19. A number of innovations evolved as a result, the gallery space in essence becoming MVR's ‘laboratory’. 



7.4.20  Zo-omBox NY, allows visitors to enjoy works and video presentation safely practicing social distancing along spacious Warren St.


Innovation summary is in Table this Page (on desktop).

Results of these Innovations on works will be featured in AUTUMN|Season 4 in sequence below. 


Saturday Sept. 19

BACKLIGHTING of Fine Art TRANSLUCENT Archival Canvas - of 5 #SheroesNY works with cyclical LED color changing strips.  Featured work in video is ‘ERA-4 Now’. Others in #ShereosNY Series are 3 #LEDLiberties and ‘Now All United March! 2020.’


Sunday, Sept 20

DOWNLIGHTING LED COLOR Changes - upon large, framed #LSCP Catalogue artworks. Light transitions not only animate discrete elements– sky, water, trees-but create dramatic changes in mood, time of day - into night, and season upon entire works.


Monday, Sept 21

KALEIDOSCAPE - Backlit and downlit works combine to creates a virtual kaleidoscope of dynamic color at 72 Warren St. Gallery. Visible from the street, the experience inside is other-worldly. Imagine being inside a kaleidoscope.


Tues, Sept 22  


All artworks will be lit in varying Shades of RED.


Wed-Sat Sept 23 -26


Sequence: Shades of Green/Cyan, of Blue, of Magenta and of White ".


Sept. 27-29

Repeats of Saturday, Sunday, Monday (above) will close ‘Contempo 2020 NYC’.


Nightly to 12am

Zo-omBoxNY Video – Storefront & Street view of  'In-Process' Works to 9’ (floor to ceiling). Emphatic in video presentations are applications of #XLProcess’ for Architecture | Event spaces & surfaces. 

About  Michael Victor ▪ MVR

NYS Landscape Architect | pxIm-pressionist Painter
MVR developed as a Pastel Artist during a long career as a Landscape Architect.  The  two creative disciplines that very naturally went hand-in-hand eventually merged. The result is the ‘▪XL Process’ that create his ▪XL Works on exhibit inside gallery windows.

XL Process: By-Hand micro pxIm-pressions  are refined by #pxPaint,  magnified, and brought to light of day on ‘Zo-om’ Print media,  then hand-finished. More on this innovative process in his
Artist Statement.


More on Exhibit Event:   72Warren.com

Page Titles represent XL Works Series.  

© Summer 2020 by Michael Victor  MVR 

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