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Life 21c & LSCP Exhibition  
ConTEMPO 2020 NYC Art Innovations 


SF Standing Free Canvas LED Panel

     2021Art Invention Patent Pending 5.21

TEMPO 2020   March 1 - October 30
@OnTheFringeNYC  72 Warren St. Tribeca

3.1.20 Exhibit of large ▪XL Works LSCP Series
Featured: Landscape of 21C Liberty Triptych


3.15.20  #SheroesNY  works developed in response to events outside gallery windows unfolding daily in NYC from Covid-19. A number of lucent fine art innovations evolved, the gallery space in essence becoming a ‘laboratory’ for them. 


LED Trans-Lucent Canvas

Backlit with LED color, 5 'TLucent Canvas'

works developed during this exhibit:

World United by Breath of Life 2020-21c

The Noble Storm ERA4 

  (3) 21c Liberties


Shown herein, in 2021 all 5 were greatly advanced as

'SF Standing Free Canvas LED'  works. Please visit
SF Canvas Works Page for final versions. 

Dynamic Spotlit Color

Upon large, framed LSCP Book artworks, spotlit color transitions not only animate discrete elements – sky, water, trees -- but create dramatic changes in season, mood, and time of day into night, upon entire works.

Summer ZoomBox Window Video

Storefront view of  in-process works to 9’ (floor to ceiling)

Allowed visitors to enjoy video presentation of works safely from the street.

Michael Victor ▪ MVR Artist
MVR developed as a Pastel Artist during  practice as a NYS Landscape Architect.  Two creative disciplines that went hand-in-hand eventually merged. The result is the ‘▪XL Process’ that create the ▪XL Works exhibited.

▪XL Works are made from by-hand micro Impressions that are first refined by #pxPaint (pixel painting),  then brought to light by magnification on archival print media.

Most are hand-finished to make print works true originals.
More: Artist Statement.

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