Exhibition Life 21c LSCP   
ConTEMPO 2020 Art NYC Innovations 


2021 SF Standing Free 21c Canvas LED Panel

2021Art Invention Patent Pending 5.21

Advancements from Contempo 2020 Innovations

Autumn 2020 Season 4  Sept-Oct

TEMPO 2020 3.1- 9.1.20

3.1.20 Exhibit of large ▪XL Works LSCP Series
Featured: Landscape of 21C Liberties Triptych


3.15.20  #Sheroes-NY  Life 21c works developed in response to events outside Fringe gallery windows unfolding daily in NYC from Covid-19. A number of fine art innovations evolved as a result, the gallery space in essence becoming a ‘laboratory’ for them. 



#Zo-omBox  allows visitors to enjoy works and video presentation safely practicing social distancing along spacious Warren St.


Innovations Summary  

Innovations were featured in AUTUMN|Season 4 in sequence below. 


Saturday Sept. 19

BACKLIT LED TRANSLUCENT CANVAS - of 5 #SheroesNY works with cyclic LED color changing strips.  Featured work in Page opening video is ‘ERA-4 Now’. Others in #ShereosNY Series are 3 #LEDLiberties and ‘M·A·R·C·H! 2020 Now All United.’


Sunday, Sept 20

DYNAMIC SPOTLIT COLOR - upon large, framed #LSCP Catalogue artworks. Light transitions not only animate discrete elements– sky, water, trees-but create dramatic changes in mood, time of day - into night, and season upon entire works.


Monday, Sept 21

KALEIDOSCAPE - Backlit and downlit works combine to creates a virtual kaleidoscope of dynamic color at 72 Warren St. Gallery. Visible from the street, the experience inside is other-worldly. Imagine being inside a kaleidoscope.


Tues, Sept 22  


All artworks will be lit in varying Shades of RED.


Wed-Sat Sept 23 -26


Sequence: Shades of Green/Cyan, of Blue, of Magenta and of White ".


Sept. 27-29

Repeats of Saturday, Sunday, Monday (above) will close ‘Contempo 2020 NYC’.


Nightly to 12am

Zo-omBox Window Video – Storefront & Street view of  'In-Process' Works to 9’ (floor to ceiling). Emphatic in video presentations are applications of #XLProcess’ for Architecture | Event spaces & surfaces. 

About  Michael Victor ▪ MVR Artist

NYS Landscape Architect | pxIm-pressionist Painter
MVR developed as a Pastel Artist during an extensive career as a NYS Landscape Architect.  The  two creative disciplines that very naturally went hand-in-hand eventually merged. The result is the ‘▪XL Process’ that create his ▪XL Works on exhibit inside gallery windows.

XL Process: By-Hand micro pxIm-pressions  are refined by #pxPaint,  magnified, and brought to light of day on ‘Zo-om’ Print media,  then hand-finished. More on this innovative process in his
Artist Statement.


More on Exhibit Event:   72Warren.com