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Dynamic SpotLit* Collection      


Dynamic SpotLit* Landscapes 

Upon large, framed #LSCP Landscape artworks, LED colored light transitions animate discrete elements– sky, water, trees - and within entire works create dramatic changes in mood, time of day into night, and change of seasons.


Composit ▪XL Works

The four works in this Collection are 'Composit ▪XL Works', which are constructed from multiple works and collaged imagery to depict 

a contemporary built landscape, architectural scene or cityscape.

Attributes that heighten viewers' sense of motion and dynamic change in response to continual color changes:


Dynamic Attributes

3D-Plane-Depth-of-Field Foreground, middle ground, background light up variably.

Transparent Colors & Layers, from pastel media & digital processes, light up variably. 

Lucent Micro Textures  glisten | sparkle | light up variably.


Customize LED Color


· Number 




 Fixture Orientations
Downlit Pendant



Page Titles represent XL Works Series.  

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