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Dynamic SpotLit Art Collection      


         Dynamic SpotLit Art LSCP Collection     

In framed pastel artwork, spot LED colored light transitions animate sky, water, trees, and on whole work simulate dramatic changes in weather, mood, time of day, and season.

Dynamic SpotLit Art LSCP Collection

Upon large, framed artworks, LED colored light transitions animate sky, water, trees - and on entire works make dramatic changes in mood, time of day, and change of season.


Composit ▪XL Works

The four works in this Collection are 'Composit ▪XL Works', which are constructed from multiple works and collaged imagery to depict 

a contemporary built landscape, architectural scene or cityscape.

Properties that heighten viewers' sense of motion and dynamic change to continual color changes:


Dynamic Properties
Hi contrast  value + color

3d Depth Fore, middle,  back ground light up variably.

Transparent Color Layers   pastel  + digital  light up variably. 

Lucent textures  glisten |sparkle | light up variably.


Customize LED Color


· Number 




 Fixture Orientations
Downlit Pendant



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