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Sheroes 21c LED
SF Standing Free TLucent Canvas 


21c LED Translucent Canvas

From ConTEMPO 2020 Art Innovations

  MVR Solo Exhibition of Lucent Mixed Media Art Works


Life 21C Sheroes works above developed in response to the Covid-19 crisis in NYC unfolding daily since the pandemic in the US began.


 In March, I lit up with spirit of caregiving and activism I had come to associate with Women’s History Month. It was M·A·R·C·H! 2020


During the weekend of NYC’s Covid-19 Lockdown, I advanced 4 SheroesNY works by backlighting the archival canvas print of each with LED color strips. Then with Hard Pastel media I fine-tuned each cyclically  to 16 distinct RGB colors at their brightest.


Pinpointing nuanced changes by illuminated light on canvas w original pastel color became subject of serious artistic focus in Spring 2020. The results in works above are distinguished artworks on the canvases themselves, and gaining 16+ distinct artworks through each canvas by LED color change.

I developed a 5th work, Now We Are All United MARCH! 2020, to express the global ascent of Covid-19 and mark the unforgettable Spring 2020.