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SF Standing Free Canvas
SF Standing Free Canvas Invention

aka Trans-Lucent Canvas LED

For Blacks ·Whites· Browns 21C Liberty
Noble Storm
World United Now (Against Covid) By LIFE 21c

21c LED Translucent Canvas

From ConTEMPO 2020 Art Innovations

  MVR Solo Exhibition of Lucent Mixed Media Art Works


Above works first developed in 2020 in response to the Covid-19 crisis in NYC unfolding daily since the pandemic in the US began.


During the weekend of NYC’s Covid-19 Lockdown, I advanced 4 Standing Free Canvas works by backlighting the archival canvas print of each with LED color strips. Then with Hard Pastel media I fine-tuned each cyclically  to 16 distinct RGB colors at their brightest.  Pinpointing nuanced changes by illuminated light on canvas pastels was subject of serious investigation .


2021 Then works gave rise to 2 nascent inventions identified . They then  defined materials and their assembly for prototypes of them. These Prototypes, in kind, finalized works’ compositions and end colors, exacting great skill, quality materials, & clarity -- visually and thematically -- through many giclee iterations.

From The Blues 21C Liberties
For Reds to Yellows 21C Liberties
LED 21C Liberties·3
Life21c Portraits Women
Ms. No's Time's Up 2021
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