Patent Pending SF Canvas LED

SF Standing Free Canvas Panel  LED  

2021 ConTemporary Art Inventions

Titles here, available as Limited Editions, 
inspired & gave rise to SF inventions. More

 SF Inventions  Display  

▪ AmBilateral Exhibit 

  Side Trans-Lucent Canvas 1

  Side SemiO-pacity Pane   2

       Unique Art Info Design 


▪ Ambilateral Light Reveal 

▪ Bottom Light-Fall Streak 


With transparent materials, minimalist design of a base for a 'standing free' panel elevates it and art exhibited, while generating a novel 'Light-Fall Streak'.   

 SF Invention  Base

SF Canvas ▪ Pane Utility   

 Sense... Experience Worlds of Color     

Side 1   T Lucent                    
Side 2  SemiO-pacity            

Sense Experience Worlds of Color Dynamic

 Fine-Art-Lighting LED Colors 

Museum/Gallery  Warm White 

SF Standard LED strip lights include a Warm White (3000K) setting that has a Color-Rendering-Index (CRI) between 80 and 90. These levels satisfy most Gallery and Museum needs. 'Premium' strips of 90+ are available. Adjust settings according to room brightness, occasion and personal taste.


Universal LED Remote Control


  16  RGB Color Settings



Yellow & Cyan 

After White, Yellow & Cyan settings provide the next brightest light levels. Both cast subtle color that doesn't overpower original artwork, and they simulate the range of natural light conditions, from sunny to overcast. They are thus emphasized in presentations above. 

▪ Moving Artwork 

Place SF Canvas flexibly onto a table of any height, desktop, low cabinet, pedestal, or custom (acrylic) shelf.


When not fixed in place, shift, rotate, and move SF Canvas easily

When moving SF Canvas to another room, it’s specific high-end lighting, being contained, goes with it (Artist Info too).

In contrast, new track lighting or electrical outlets to accommodate relocation of other framed art pieces is prohibitive or impossible.


 T Lucent Media  

  • Oil or acrylic paint glazes/washes on canvas (itself translucent)  

  • Textile media & fabric art  

  • Stained glass 


Embodiments of Standing Free LED Panels for flexible, multi-dimensional Ambient Lighting, backlighting, and table/desk partitions are included the USPTO Patent Application 5.1.21.