Patent Pending SF Canvas LED

Lucent SF Standing Free Canvas Panel  
2021-22  Invention Features:
Dual Displays 
AmBilateral Light 3D Radiant Beam 360 

Subject themes of works here (of 6)   
inspired & gave rise to inventions below. 

 SF Inventions  Display  


▪ AmBilateral Displays 
  Side 1  Trans-Lucent Canvas 
 Side 2  SemiO-pacity Pane  
             LED Comp.Colors Panel

Sense Kaleidoscopic Complementary Colors (Slide 2)

Sense Experience Worlds of Color Dynamic

Side 1   T Lucent                    
Side 2  SemiO-pacity            

Lucent Canvas ▪ Pane Utility   

 SF Inventions  Lighting

3D Radiant Ambient Beam 360  
Ambilateral Light Reveal               


   'Light-Fall' Mount 

Desktop/ Tabletop/ Floor Use 

With transparent materials, minimalist design of a mount for a 'standing free' panel elevates it and art exhibited, while generating a novel 'Light-Fall Streak' onto desktops and other prominent horizontal planes.