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IT Riverfront Bluff Campus Lscp |SpotLit Art Collection
  • IT Riverfront Bluff Campus Lscp |SpotLit Art Collection


    Upon large, framed LSCP Book works. LED Colored Light transitions not only animate discrete elements– sky, water, trees, but create dramatic changes in mood, time of day into night, and season upon entire works.


    Title  IT Riverfront Bluff Campus River of Pixels

    Media Hand  Hard Pastels finish
    Media Print   Canson Aquarelle Rag
    Size: 31” x 48”


    Composit ▪XL Works

    The four works in this Collection are 'Composit ▪XL Works', which are built from multiple  pastel media works  + collage imagery to depict contemporary built landscapes, architectural scenes and cityscapes.

    Dynamic Visual Properties
    Heighten sense of motion/dynamic change to continuous color change:

    High Contrast Value & Color

    3d Depth Foreground to backgrounds light up variably.

    Translucent Color Layers pastel+digital light up variably.

    Lucent Pxim Textures sparkle| light up variably.