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Mask Break | Frontline Sheroic 20s

Mask Break | Frontline Sheroic 20s


Since 70% of U.S. health care workers are women, this work recognizes the massive , invaluable contribution in health care by women during Covid.  Captured  in the workplace is a woman worker, my sister Cathy R.,  this past Feb '22  as Omicron waned and mask breaks were safer for everyone.  Big thanks to Cathy for the series of candid selfies that allowed me create this expressive and timely work.


12" x 17" Giclee,

Archival Fine Art, Original Print

Numbered, Open Edition ▪XL 2022

Zoom Media: Hard Pastel on CanvasXL



  • Paper Media: Archival, acid-free, premium luster (standard)
    Paper Weight:  210 gsm
    Pigment Ink:   Archival, 10-12 Color Canon

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