Baseline XL Works: PastelsXL pxImpressions

Forged by Hand and pxPaint Media 

From Michael Victor, the Artist, welcome to this intro to pxImpressionism -– one fit for today's 'Pixel Zoom' Generations.
Only natural, right?  Interchangeable, the heart and source of it are pxImpressions|microimpressions.


In Pastels XL Works, pxims arise from color particles that -- with varying pressure - I lay-in by-Hand  while forging original compositions. Micro patterned textures and color effects that vary naturally are pxImpressions -- pxims for short.


Not readily perceived and often truly microscopic, pxims vary widely within works, and between works, dramatically!
Area color & effects are not fixed precisely, in contrast to works by 19th Century Impressionists. Instead -- after they are scanned|rasterized -- I 'zoom-in' to inspect, interpret, enhance, and then magnify pxims uniformly in entire XL Works.

Nonetheless, the Impressionists made pxims. This Link and Gallery show pxims by the Late 19th Century  Impressionist 
Edgar Degas. For best viewing, please open Gallery to enlarge it.


Once enhanced, the ▪XL*Process magnifies luminous effects before now implausible -- as by Degas -- to the light of day 
to become collectively a palpable, rich new medium for artists.

I think Degas and his contemporaries would be thrilled. As pixels themselves are flecks of light across spectra of color,
Impressionists would have enthusiastically embraced
painting with pixels.

In About, on Facebook  and Instagram,

read more & see visuals on how pxImpressions and the XL* Process evolved.

MVR: Nature and Virtuality 

."....MVR’s works go electric with vitality, felt in swift strokes  down to minute details, which resemble dot patterns of Pointillism.

The difference – owing to variation in subjects, light conditions, techniques,  paper media, etc – patterns of source pixels have such tremendous variety to yield dozens of fresh artistic effects."

ArtFix Daily News 1.14.19
MVR Press Release, Art

Agora 3-D.png

XL Process

"...Like everything digital today, fine-art print technology & archival paper offerings advance w blinding speed!

     Fine pxims need sheen paper.

There are pros/cons to canvas prints & final color by hand, indicative of great flexibility & decision-making 
required through all XL Phases."

pxImpressionist Exhibition 2020


OntheFringe   NYC Tribeca  March -Sept 2,19-30

  #SheroesNY   LED BackLit Translucent Canvas 

 #LSCP Series  Down Lit LED Color   

     #AllUSHeroes  Portraits 2005-20       

       #Zo-omBox NY  StreetVideo Projection   

Exhibitions 2019

Barcelona, Spain  July 2019

Passeig de Gracia Station

with Contemporary Art Station

    Download PDF MVR Interview

New York City  Jan - Apr

On EARTH and Elsewhere

Agora Gallery Contemporary Art NYC   

Agora Gallery  MVR Press Release



Viviana Puello Gallery  Mar-Apr

 XL Works: 

The Landscape of 21C Lady Liberty 

"It Is Called WE R ALL 'United' Now"

Artist Michael Victor  MVR  

Page Titles represent XL Works Series.  

© Summer 2020 by Michael Victor  MVR 

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SheroesNY 2020-Now We Are All United - 2

SheroesNY2020 Exhibit Commemorative Edition. Details at link.

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