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Prices_MVR ·XL Works: PastelsXL

LANDSCAPE   Prices of XL Works vary by size. For more information, please inquire through Contact Page. 



Giclee Prints  $Price varies  For more information, please inquire through Contact Page. 


How are originals priced; on what are they based?

Answer: Predominantly on Drawing Time + Finish Time + Administration Time

  • Landscapes - Normal on-site drawing time is 1-2 hrs.

  • Figure Pose Length– The price of short ‘pose length’ drawings, whether 5 to 15 min, is related more to the required ‘Finish Time’ of all pastel drawings. 

  • ‘Finish Time’ -- All pastel works require it: 1.5+ hour to clean, finesse, fix, and matt. More complex landscapes require more time to finesse. Scanning, digital processing now part of the equation.

  • Administration Time includes cataloguing inventory, web packaging, marketing, etc.


Why is 9 x 12 the predominant size of Original Drawings? Why is that size so practical?

  • Size is widely available, easy to carry, and stock manageably stored in NYC studio.

  • Sufficient to capture landscape settings in 2-hour on-site period.

  • Has surface area extent that pastel sticks cover easily (with more surface area hard sticks become tedious to use and break even easier)

  • Cost-efficient for color study aims and signature levels of detail (using hard pastels)

  • For Life-Chrome Figures, size is extremely cost-wise for short poses and pastel media.


What is a "Giclee" Print?

There are 5 basic categories of "Giclee" prints important to understand. Prices quoted above are for:


Category 4* Digital photographs or images that are uploaded or scanned into a computer and then manipulated, enhanced, reworked or otherwise altered by digital processes (using programs like Photoshop, for example) BEFORE they're printed out. These can sometimes be more like reproductions and sometimes more like original digital works of art, depending on the extent and degree of the manipulation.


 Enlargement alone would be considered a 'great degree of manipulation'.

*Read more in this brief clip from Art (Link to full article embedded in clip.)


What is MVR's experience with Digital Color Printing in general?

  • Between 1997- 2012 produced in-house large format digital color presentation prints constantly during 15-year Architectural/Engineering office employment. Manipulating drawing scales for different purposes is a major part of landscape architecture (LA) discipline. Digital applications made that process (and all LA mechanics) a lot easier. I embraced them with rendering skills woven in. Below are examples linked to more:




















MVR Landscape Arch Site Section
MVR Section Enlargement 1998
Digital Painting
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