NY River Flyway at Tappan Zee |SpotLit Art Collection

NY River Flyway at Tappan Zee |SpotLit Art Collection


Dynamic SpotLit Art LSCP Collection 
In framed LSCP Pastel works, spotlit LED colored light transitions animate sky, water, & trees,  and upon whole works simulate dramatic changes in weather, time of day, and seasons.


A Collection of Composit ▪XL Works

Four in this Collection are 'Composit ▪XL Works', which I build up in layers from multiple original pastel media works  + digital collage imagery to express 21c contemporary built landscapes, architecture,  cityscapes and monuments.

Dynamic Visual Properties
Heighten sense of motion/dynamic change to continuous color change:

High Contrast Value & Color

3d Depth Foreground to backgrounds light up variably.

Translucent Color Layers pastel+digital light up variably.

Lucent Pxim Textures sparkle| light up variably.