Landscape 21c Liberties  |SpotLit Art Lscp Collection

Landscape 21c Liberties |SpotLit Art Lscp Collection


Dynamic SpotLit Art Collection
Within framed LSCP Pastel work, spot LED colored light transitions animate sky, water & trees, and upon whole work simulate dramatic changes in mood, weather, time of day, and seasons.


Title The Landscape of 21C Liberties

For Reds, Blacks, Browns, Whites, From the  Blues

Media/ Hand  Hard Pastels finish
Media/ Print  Aquarelle Rag paper
Size  44” x 31.5” (3)  48" X 96"


A Collection of Composit ▪XL Works 

The 4 works  are 'Composit ▪XL Works', which I build up in layers from multiple  original pastel media works  + digital collage imagery to depict 21c contemporary landscapes, architecture &  cityscapes.


Dynamic Spatial + Visual Properties
These heighten the sense of motion/dynamic change to continual color change:

High Contrast Value, Color, Figure| Ground

3d Planar Depth Foreground to background light up variably.

Translucent Color Layers pastel+digital light up variably.

Lucent Pxim Textures sparkle/ light up variably.