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Life 21c Series:  AllUSHeroes| Sheroes NY

         Sheroes NY Series   
Works of women, reflecting our multi-ethnic, diverse population, express ALL of US as important & worthy of a portrait.

So-named in 2020, works symbolize (for me) All US Heroes in overcoming challenges to save oneself,

and the life of others.

Complete works: AllUSHeroes   

1  Martha's Verdict - 2006 Grit SheroesNY
5 Jessica ERA 4 Now SheroesNY AllUSHeroes
Ms. No! Still Dont Get No! SheroesNY
5 Sassy Linda ERA 4 Now SheroesNY
Angela L. Looks SheroesNY
02  Process Madonna SheroesNY
Asia AllUSHeroes SheroesNY
6 Mina ERA 4 Now AllUSHeroes SheroesNY

Life21c Portraits Women

 Oil on Canvas | Hard Pastel, Pencil  Tan Paper 


2 Frida K. via Selma H SheroesNY

Selma H. (Frida K.) Graphite Pencil 12 x 9 $100.00 Matted

Neecie B & W SheroesNY

Neecie B&W Charcoal/ chalk 24 x 18 $200.00

Aviva B&W SheroesNY

Aviva B&W Charcoal/ chalk 12 x 9 $150.00 Matted

Blonde Portrait SheroesNY

Blonde Portrait Charcoal/ chalk 12 x 9 $150.00 Matted

Lady Gray SheroesNY

Lady Gray Charcoal/ chalk 18 x 12 $150.00

2 Figures & Praying Hands SheroesNY

2 Figures & Praying Hands Charcoal/ chalk 24 x 18 $400.00

10 Lady Stretching SheroesNY
Blonde Figure SheroesNY

Blonde Figure Charcoal/ chalk 12 x 9 $150.00 Matted

 Life in Black, White and Grays 

Conte Crayon   Charcoal    Pencil      

Red Chalk|Conte Crayon ​& 4-Tone Chalk



4+ Tone View More  


Drawing with Red Chalks
On the Road to Painting


I use toned paper to draw on as its tonality is like that of an ‘underpainting’ --  a canvas lightly washed with color. To draw subjects on it prior to painting,  I use Red Conte Crayons as they don’t muddy applied paints (in contrast to charcoal & graphite pencil).   Consistent use of Contes for drawing on paper maintains 
swift, facile stroke capability transferable to canvas whenever needed.


The less drawing the better for painting. Thus in portraits/ figure drawings in Red Chalk presented here,
one will sense like economy & practicality.

Thank you so much for visiting this Page.

Sheroes NY salute you!

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