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The Art of Zooming-In| Hand

For PiXel-Zoom Generations- PxIm-pressionism_ The Art of Zooming-In 3-min comp. of FB IG ‘Shorts’ from 2019-20. Shows what ‘pxim-impressions’ are, their history (via Degas), etc. End previews Works In-Process.  ‘PiXel-Zoom Generations'- everyone nowadays.


From street see videos BIG at FringeNYC w 'Zo-omBox' . 6pm -12 midnight.Gallery 72 Warren St Tribeca, NYC.Til 9.30.20

Big thanks to Michael Francis Stromar for his rousing voice as the PiXeL in the opening video, and nephew David Michael R for video editing of it.


Original Post Dates | Description of included artworks:

I-VIEW w/ a PIXEL –10.10.19

PXIM History via DEGAS – 11.7.19

DISCOVER Pxims 2020 – on Process 12.31.19

DC Pxim Moon – U.S. Coin Bar Scale 12.9.19

T JEFF Memorial - Paper Difference 12.29.19

LIVE-ON Cowboy 3.25.19


ERA NOW 2019 3.22.19

ERA-4 NOW 2020 6.14.20

NOW All United MARCH! 2020 7.10.20

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