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Cycled Media Mix

Cyclic ByHand     PxPaint Media XL Works

From Michael Victor, the Artist, welcome to Contemporary px Impressionism -– for today's Pixel Zoom world. While at the heart are 21c Life & Landscape, like in the Late19c, the source of works are micro 'pxIm-pressions'-- 'pxims' for short.


Video here illustrates samples of pxims from the Late19c made by the Impressionist Master Edgar Degas.




 The '▪XL Process' magnifies luminous effects as by Degas, before now implausible -- to the light of day.


About Artist Statement summarizes pxim integrity, XL economy and 21c material sensibility.

See how all of this matured -- below, on FB and on Instagram.

  Women:  Impressionist's 19c ·  Impressionist's 21c

2021-22 SF Standing Canvas LED Radiant Beam Panel Invention

2021Art Inventions-  Patent Issued 8.22

Adaptation: Standing AmBi- ent|Backlight Panel Lamp

2020 Art Exhibition 

ConTEMPO 2020 NYC Art Innovation

OntheFringe NYC Mar - Oct.

   LED BackLit TransLucent Canvas 



Exhibitions 2019

Barcelona, Spain  July 

 Contemporary Art Station

    MVR Interview


Viviana Puello Gallery 

Featured: 'The Noble Storm - ERA 4'

New York City  January

On EARTH and Elsewhere

Agora Gallery NYC  MVR Press  

Featured: 'The Landscape of 21C Liberty'

 This triptych advanced in '21is shown below.

1 Noble Strom ERA-4 21c 10.19_edited.jpg

Process 'XL'

"...Like everything digital today, fine-art print technology & archival paper offerings advance w blinding speed!


There are pros/cons to canvas prints & final color by hand, indicative of great flexibility & decision-making 
required through 3 ·XL*Process phases."

Contempo 2020 Art NY - Exhibit Promo Vid
Landscape 21c Liberty 2019 vsn

MVR: Nature and Virtuality 

."....MVR’s works go electric with vitality, felt in swift strokes  down to minute details, which resemble dot patterns of Pointillism.

The difference – owing to variation in subjects, light conditions, techniques,  paper media, etc – patterns of source pixels have such tremendous variety to yield hundreds of fresh artistic effects."


In Pastels·XL Works (behind), pxims arise from lucent pigment grains I lay-in by-Hand  while forging Hard Pastel works. They vary most dramatically when truly microscopic.

In contrast to19c Impressionism, area colors & effects are never fixed precisely. Instead once scanned I 'zoom-in' to discover & interpret them, and then magnify the by-Hand composition entirely.


That's how all works start, even  complex multilayered ones, such as 'Standing Free Canvas' works.

Artist Michael Victor  MVR Ruggiero  

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LSCP & LIFE 21c Highlights