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LSCP Series  
LIFE· Series below.

·XL* Works: PastelsXL 

Forged By Hand and Pixel Paint Media

microImpressions | pxIm-pressions

Baseline of XL*Process*

Degas_The Ironers 1884_76x81cm.jpg

Welcome from MVR (Artist) to this introduction to pxImpressions– impressions of our  Pixel Age.
At the heart of my work are microImpressions or pxImpressions,  terms I use interchangeably.   Helpful to understand them is the following...


In PastelsXL works, microImpressions arise from Hard Pastel pigment grains I impress naturally by my hand while forging original works. Minute, patterned textures resulting naturally are 'microImpressions'; definitively here -- they are 'pxIm-pressions'.


Not readily perceived and often truly microscopic, they vary significantly in works, and between works, dramatically. In contrast to the 19C Impressionists, I do not place their colors deliberately, but instead investigate, enhance, and compose pxIm-pressions that I 'discover'.

Nonetheless, the Impressionists made them. Images below reveal pxImpressions by the Late-19C French  Impressionist  Master Edgar Degas. For best appreciation and enjoyment of Degas, please click to enlarge each.




Once enhanced, the ▪XL*Process magnifies luminous effects before now implausible -- as these by Degas -- to the light of day to become collectively a palpable, rich new medium for artists.

I think Degas and all the Impressionists would be thrilled. In fact, the similarities in visual qualities of pixels with flecks of paint are so great, they would have taken to pixel-painting quickly.

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read more/ see visuals on how pxImpressions and the XL *Process evolved.

pxim Degas1 Ironers_3x.jpg
pxIm Degas2 Arabesque 3X
To Scale Desktop Degas_Dancer Arabe
To Scale Desktop_Degas Ironers.jpg
Degas_Dancer Bowing-End of An Arabesq

pxImpressionist Exhibitions 2019  

·XL Works:  PastelsXL 

Barcelona, Spain  July 2019

Passeig de Gracia Station with Contemporary Art Station

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New York City 


March/ April  



New York City

On EARTH and Elsewhere

Agora Gallery   Exhibit Press Release

Jan/ Feb

 Gallery for LSCP Works

 Agora Gallery Contemporary Art NYC  

MVR: Nature and Virtuality

."....MVR’s works go electric with vitality, felt in swift strokes  down to minute details, which resemble dot patterns of Pointillism.


The difference – owing to variation in subject, light conditions, rendering, and paper media – patterns of source pixels have such tremendous variety to yield dozens of fresh artistic effects."

ArtFix Daily News (2019 Jan 14,) MVR: Nature and Virtuality [Press Release] Art FixDaily.com

Agora 3-D.png

On the ·XL *Process* Works

"...Like everything digital today, fine-art print technology and archival paper offerings are advancing with blinding speed! ...

...For fine-grain pxims, lo-lustre  paper is ideal. There are pros and cons to both printing on canvas and final color overlays by hand,...

  ...there is flexibility thru the end as well.

Michael Victor  MVR ·pxImpressionist Painter  
Michael Victor·MVR Artist-NY